Goodbye Tumblr, Hello WordPress

“It is the end of something simple and the beginning of everything else.”

Goodbyes are always bittersweet.

It’s hard to depart from something you’ve held on for years. But what would be the purpose of holding onto something that won’t bring you some sort of productivity or excitement as it did before? I’m not going to grow as a better blogger if I stick to photo blogging pointless shots and just admiring what others posted. It’s hard to say goodbye to tumblr, it will always be a part of my social networking life but you just hafta do it at some point.

I have been ‘tumblogging’ since the dawn of my cyberspace existence. Tumblr was there for me from my wee days of blogging experience where “tumblarity” (latter citizens of this microblogging website may not have experienced or even heard of) was synonymous to the Hunger Games or the Iron Throne where bloggers fight to gain the most number of popularity from the number of likes, follows, etc. This makes or breaks the ego of a blogger, apparently. And those with high tumblarity also means they had no life. Driven by competence I was, I started posting pretty much anything that would alert some interest to my fellow bloggers to hit that heart button. Yes, I used to blog for the sake of likes and attention. Even after the death of tumblarity, I was still posting random photos, reblogging and reblogging again some just to keep the likes and the blog going. My whole tumblog became a reblogging latrine due to the laziness of creating an original post. After quite some time,  I reinvented my tumblog to solely a blog for my own posts. I separated reblogs and also created my own private blog because some of my thoughts are not safe lying around publicly. I continued my blogging, posting once in a while, if ever I have time to post something interesting. Writer’s and creative block constantly hit me and I was in the brink of graduating college resulting to inactivity and loosing some followers along the way. After graduation, I thought I might get my blogging groove back and blog aimlessly of my unemployed life. But heck no. I found I job after a month of slacking and due to the time my job demands, I put my blogging priorities at the back row.

It’s hard to blog when you’re busy doing other stuff. It’s hard to blog when you’re not committed to it in the first place and it’s definitely hard to blog when you’re not inspired.

Tumblr is a great platform for blogging and a great source of creative inspiration but if I want to improve my sense of blogging as well as keep a new online latrine for memories and experiences, I’m heading here, to WordPress. It’s time to get serious. It’s time to get my groove back.

Even if I will say bye-bye to tumblr, I will never delete my tumblog. My whole 4 years of cyberspace memories is written in there!

Welcome to, a space for my travels and rants and daily experiences served with photographs and brief and or lengthy narratives.


x, Alessy


About heyalessy

Alessy is a twenty year old Economics graduate who's more into art, photography and graphic design than figures and graphs. She likes pandas, blueberry cheesecake, jeepney rides, cute dresses, full moons, travelling, beaches, starry nights and hugs. And she's out to conquer the world one click at a time, baby.
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3 Responses to Goodbye Tumblr, Hello WordPress

  1. Jeyna Grace says:

    WordPress takes things a lil more seriously than tumblr, in my opinion. All the best!

  2. 21busrides says:

    Hi! I was in also on Tumblr before going here to WordPress (until now, I have my blog in Tumblr). I realized you’re right. I left my previous blog for some reasons and some of those you’ve mentioned are exactly what I felt. Anyway my old blog is still active but, yeah, I guess here in WordPress we can just say anything we want. Still have more to say but I’ll them post them on my blog, I guess. Have a great day! :)

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