Sojourn in Singapore

I work as a Yields Researcher. This means I get to explore countries abroad every month – research about their upscale regions, economy and real estate. I cover an average of three to four countries a month depending on the weight of each country. If it has a lot of upscale regions, I get stuck in a country for weeks or if it’s just easy peasy, I stay for a couple of days. My work is really exciting, right? Well, if only I get to explore the country literally and not via world wide web. Lol. Yes, sadly (or maybe not so) my work is home based. And sadly (truly sadly) I only get to research the countries online. :P And you don’t know how much I am willing to go to every country I’ve researched. Ugh. One day. I told myself, just one day. And what do you know… :)

A couple of months back, I researched a small but highly-developed city state of Singapore. I knew some facts about the city, mostly where its upscale regions are and how pricey the rentals can be. The Lion City is one “fine” city, I tell you. It’s a shopping haven, home to constructions in luxurious and mega proportions. Last month, I actually got an opportunity to actually explore the city!! Not thanks to my job, but to my Mom! Heehee (love you, Mom :*) She needs to attend a conference at Singapore yadda yadda the point is she tagged me along! My first trip abroad, amazing! You never really know, last time I was immensely researching through sites and sites about Singapore, now I got the chance to immerse myself on the sights in Singapore! :))


Such an amazing experience. Singapore is a beautiful city and if you’re a first time traveler like me from the Philippines, I really recommend Singapore as your first foreign country to go to.

Because first of all, it’s a widely English speaking Asian country like us. Signs are in English, so you’re not gonna be lost in translation. Singapore is multi-racial city. It’s a cultural melting pot of Chinese, Indian, Malayan, Singaporean, Western and even Filipino! There’s history and culture in every corner and almost everything is a tourist spot! Haha! I swear I took almost a thousand photos in just three days of wandering in SG. It’s a modern picturesque avenue, and Singaporeans really know what they’re doing and they aim only for the best and for development. Everything’s well planned and well thought of. They have the most amazing airport and the most tourist friendly transportation system! (First time traveler here so don’t judge but SRSLY it really is!)

Have to stop for now, this will be a series of blog post. This is only an intro and I think it’s getting to lengthy  At least it’ll fill up my monotonous noob blog! I’m still getting the hang of WordPress, my apologies guys.

I’ve only realized this not until recently that my tag line for my blog on tumblr is “Exploring the world, one click at a time.” Click refers to the camera sound, you know, whatever. And it actually came through if you look at it. I mean I am really exploring the world one click at a time literally because of my job. Ah, Law of Attraction, you do work wonders. For this blog it’s now “To places I will go, with a camera in one hand and yours in another.” And to places I soon hope I will go. :)


x, Alessa

P.S. More photos and facts and tips on my next travel posts! :)


About heyalessy

Alessy is a twenty year old Economics graduate who's more into art, photography and graphic design than figures and graphs. She likes pandas, blueberry cheesecake, jeepney rides, cute dresses, full moons, travelling, beaches, starry nights and hugs. And she's out to conquer the world one click at a time, baby.
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