My First BDJ Box

I first stumbled upon Belle De Jour (BDJ) while reading Tricia Gosingtian’s post about her own February BDJ Box. I got interested and learned more about BDJ and I instant got hooked! What is BDJ you may ask? It’s a monthly beauty subscription box filled with deluxe samples of products from international and local beauty brands! And the best part, it’s only Php 480! This is really handy for me because I tend to splurge and instantly buy beauty products I sometimes really is clueless of. Lol. Yes, I am a beauty rookie, and this is my first time to blog such about beauty products. I subscribed for a 3-month supply of BDJ Box and I even got myself my own BDJ Navi Planner. I love BDJ! They spoil you, really and it is really worth the price. When I first purchased my BDJ Navi Planner, I didn’t know that they were giving away free BDJ Forget-Me-Not Notebook once you purchase a planner. Let’s just say I am always a happy camper when it comes to BDJ. :))

Last day, I finally got my hands on their March BDJ Box which is my first BDJ Box. I was literally dancing and jumping up and down when I saw the package resting on my study table! :D


This month’s BDJ Box theme is Summer Glam and the box houses products which are all from L’Oreal! Because we Bellas, really are worth it. ;)


From L’Oreal Paris, with love!


BDJ Box full of L’Oreal Paris goodies! I was spazzing while unboxing this.


Am I a lucky girl or what? I got 4 full size products plus a nail art and 2 sample size products all from L’Oreal for a fraction of a cost! :)

March goodies:

IMG_1611 copy

1. L’Oreal Fall Repair Hair Shampoo, 180 ml, full size (Php 110.00)

Nourish your mane! Experience the latest hair care innovation from Paris! Fall repair is enriched with Arginine, an essential amino acid vital for hair growth  and gives triple action: nourishes hair from the root, restructures hair fiber, makes hair grow stronger.

2. L’Oreal Fall Repair Hair Conditioner, 180 ml, full size (Php 119.00)

Detangle stubborn locks! With intensive research on hair fall, Fall Repair 3x is partnered with  a conditioner that complements the shampoo to address top 3 causes of hair fall: hair malnutrition, root fragility and fiber damage.

I think BDJ just read my mind, this is perfect for my hair! Been suffering from hair fall and dryness since forever. I totally need this in my life. Can’t wait to try it. :)

IMG_1626 copy

 3. Youth Code Pre-Essence, 5ml sample size (Php 1495.00, full size)

Boost younger looking skin! Dare to take the test! One drop feel moisturized and incredibly softer skin. One week, look younger with a smoother, suppler, and beautifully radiant skin. One month, recover a younger looking skin, luminous and rested.

Been starting using this, so far so good. I’ve only been conscious about my skin just this year and BDJ Box has been a great help in choosing the best product for my skin type. :)

IMG_1623 copy

4. UV PERFECT BB Max, 5 ml sample size (Php 595.00, 30 ml)

Fight skin discoloration! The latest BB Cream with color equalizer technology that includes innovative pigments to help fight skin discoloration, instantly corrects skin imperfections!

I love BB creams! I’ve been using Etude House’s Precious Mineral Bright Fit BB Cream and it keeps giving me this grayish/white-ish color so I wanted to try new BB Creams that won’t give me that white cast look. Excited to try this one! :)

IMG_1608 copy

5. UV PERFECT Longlasting UV Protector, 30 ml full size (Php 545.00)

A new era of UV protection! This UV Perfect 12H Longlasting sunscreen is tailor made for Asian women whose skin is always exposed to UV rays and other atmospheric pollution. Shield your skin with a longlasting UV protector that has antioxidants to help fight against  brown spots, skin darkening and aging!

Everything from this box is perfect for me! Huhu T-T I love it!


6. Shine Caresse in 804 Faye, 6 ml full size (Php 595.00)

Having its exceptionally high concentration of moisture lock in. Shine Caresse leaves your lips with a soft-moist look effect. Accentuating comfortable non-sticky qualities, its feather shaped foam applicator helps you control and even out the color on your lips.

I so love the shade! My fave! I’ll be using this often!

IMG_1634 copy

7. Color Riche Les Nail Art (Php 395.00)

Fashion at your fingertips! Easy fabulous nail art! I love nail art and this is so perfect for me right now! Love the designs and I want to buy more! So far I tried one sticker and it’s still intact today.

IMG_1627 copy


Five “Because you’re worth it” stickers are also included!

IMG_1687 copy


This is my BDJ Navi 2013 Planner by the way. Perfect for my adventures and travels!

I love, love, love the box! This can be really addicting, I’m excited to receive my next box and I want to subscribe more! Haha! This will totally break my budget but it’s so worth it. You can subscribe too, their boxes are running out fast!

Thanks BDJ Team for making me a one happy Bella. :))) <3

x, Alessa <3

BDJ Box | Facebook Page | Belle de Jour Power Planner | Facebook Page | L’Oreal Paris PH Facebook Page



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